Our Products and Services

Providing you quality management and process with Customs and other U.S. government agencies, understanding your business, knowledge of trade compliance, and driven to meet your import needs.

Products & Services

Providing you service:
International, bonded and domestic price and cost options, pure or multimodal traffic, ocean, air, truck or combination, monitoring and tracking the shipment, customs interface, onward delivery, and customer service.
Servicing every transport need:
LTL, FCL, air, truck, rail, or combination of these modes, from international origins, or US entry points, to any warehouse, container yard, door in the U.S.

Offering expertise:
Human capital to provide you and your customer with preferred duty option, security, customs and other agency compliance, managing your freight for optimum routing at best cost.
Offering you and your customer value:
Efficient government interfacing, timely delivery of goods to it's final destination,
shipment tracking, and proof of delivery.

Our Value Proposition:
Quality Management and Process.
Understanding Our Customers.
Acumen of Import Compliance and Freight Management Services.
Diligence in Information Management.