Our Management

At Latin Gate CHB our management is hands on and have extensive experience with Customs and other government agencies, international and domestic transportation, and managing our network of vendors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve the status of a service excellent enterprise, providing U.S. inbound logistics value to our customers efficiently and effectively, thus prospering as an organization and providing benefit for all of our stakeholders.

Our Stakeholders

Our Customers: 
Who they are...
Our customers are small and medium sized international exporters, logistics companies, other customs brokers, freight forwarders and U.S. importers. We handle a vast spectrum of commodities; general dry cargo, high technology equipment, frozen cargo, wearing apparel, and food and drug administration related importations.
Shareholders and Lenders: 
What is our source in the Capital Market...
Our shareholders are industry professionals offering potential executive management support at board level. Our lending sources and capital firms are those that understand the
economic benefit and return potential of a well managed business in the inbound logistics and freight management space.
Vendor: What they are to us...
Our vendors, considered strategic partners, pass our selection criteria and process, maintain their scorecard, and are fully integrated with Latin Gate, CHB quality, information and cargo handling processes.
Employee: Who she or he is...
Our employee is a motivated, trained and knowledgeable professional with respect and understanding of our values, and appreciation of all stakeholders.

Those institutions and entities providing goods or services for the welfare of their communities.